About Me

I’m a 24 year old human male living in Liverpool. After completing a BA English & Creative writing an LJMU in 2013, I’m now on the MA Writing at the same place. Part of that MA involves having a blog or a website or an online presence, which sounds disgusting, but I’m not here to question that. This is my attempt to get ahead and do some things.


I like swords, dinosaurs, video games and spicy food. Some of that may feature here.

Things you can expect to find on this website

Prose Fiction

While on the MA, I’ve started and intend to finish a novel. If I don’t I won’t pass the course, so there’s a lot riding on it. It might be called The House and a Home, and you can read what might be chapter two here.

Having never had a piece of creative work published outside of student magazines, none of the fiction found here- except ‘My Tie‘- will be anywhere else. Maybe in the future I’ll be good enough to get published and plagiarise myself, but, until then, all fiction here is small and probably part of a university assignment.

Things about writing

I don’t like using parenthesis, so I’ll probably write about that at some point. Expect little else.


Some things are great. Some things are shit. There’s little in between.


Whether it’s failed inventor Brock James writing, or a letter from myself, they will probably be written with the purpose of annoying someone.