Butter Flaps

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Brock James first approached Lurpak with his idea for Butter Flaps in 2011. They haven’t got back in touch yet, but ‘we all face hurdles sometimes’.

Dear Lurpak,

My name is Brock James. I have been an inventor for 1 year(s) and I live in Derbyshire, which isn’t windy.

Six months ago I was preparing my morning toast while trying to think what really would be the best thing since sliced bread. It has been said before, but far too often and about far too many different things. I don’t think people truly understand the gravity of the statement any more. It was shortly after this moment (for reasons I shall not disclose) that my mind combined your lovely Lurpak butter- lightly salted, of course- cheese slices and cat flaps. The rest of the working out is obvious, hence the realisation of Butter Flaps.

It’s a simple idea, using the same technology employed to wrap cheese slices, but instead of cheese it is butter. The idea being that when your bread is freshly toasted you just unwrap the butter, drop it on the bread and voila! No spreading needed, just bread and butter merged in hot but quickly cooling matrimony, ready to eat.

As soon as my prototypes arrived (see attached) I knew this was a big one. Who would have thought that the best thing since sliced bread would be its closest companion! I hope you will agree with me. I will be ready to meet with the appropriate members of your company as of next Tuesday (16.5.11) to discuss production and payment.

I’ve attached some butter flaps for your delectable pleasure. I hope you see their potential.

Kindest Regards,
Brock James


Brock James is a polite man who doesn’t like to hassle anyone, not least large dairy-based corporations, so he didn’t chase his initial letter up till the winter of 2013. Despite ongoing troubles with loan sharks- due to a heftily APR on his business loan, he was desperate to touch base.

Dear Lurpak

Brock James again! I’m sure you’re getting round to it- I know you’re most busy- but we we’re supposed to meet and discuss my idea for Lurpak Butter Flaps on 16th May 2011. As promised, I arrived at your offices to discuss my proposal  but I couldn’t get in the building, never mind the meeting room.

Presuming some technical error, I waited for a week or so, but to no avail. Then I realised how silly I was being. How do I know that your invention dept is in your headquarters? What an idiotic assumption- no need to say, I’m my own best critic- you probably keep your top-secret products somewhere top secret to avoid any competitor snooping. They don’t call butter the espionage spread for nothing, I’ve heard.

It’s been just over two years now and that’s towards the end of your letter response promise, so I thought I’d chase this flap issue up with an update on where my Butter Flaps have gone.

You’d be surprised, actually. Since my wife died I don’t feel like trying new things any more, so they haven’t changed a gill. I feel like the design, in its first draft, has been around enough to be considered a classic. Changing them would be to change a legacy, and since the rest of my family died with my wife, I’d hate to lose another legacy.

What do you say to an initial follow-up meeting next week? I’m sure we can flatten any bubbles in my flaps, and I say bubbles figuratively, because there are no bubbles in this excellent product.

Please respond or I might die,
Brock James

Lurpak still didn’t reply to Brock, so he went on the road. For the first time in modern history, butter flaps where showcased to a live audience at an Imaginarium.

No one has seen Brock Since.





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