The House and a Home – Novel

The House and a Home is a Gothic Horror novel set in Derbyshire.


The narrator inherits his childhood home after the death of his evil uncle. The House is a living vessel and changes shit: tries to kill people, leaks, that kind of stuff. His uncle used to control what the house did, but now he’s dead so it does whatever it feels like. He has to come to terms with the things he left behind, figure out why there are pictures of things that never happened and protect himself and his sister from the house and some giant, cannibal rats that happen to be eating everyone.

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The process of thinking about writing a novel

So far, I’ve written 10,000 words of this. I’m aiming to make that 16,000 words by the end of April. I have no idea if that’s a big goal for other writers, but considering my ability to produce work while on the BA Writing at LJMU, that’s a massive goal for me as I’m quite monstrously unable to meet a word count for anything. This isn’t aways a bad thing when it comes to writing, especially in a publication sense- when word counts are set as a maximum, rather than a 5% either way thingy- but I have had very few things published, those few being publications of my friends or my own, such as In the Red 11. So it is a bad thing.

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For the above reasons, I’m aiming to get The House and a Home to 80,000 words. That figure is based on me wanting it to be 100,000+ and being very short of that, and hopefully won’t mean that I do 60,000 and have nothing left to say.

I want to talk about the different software available for writing full manuscripts, structuring the plot and story, and the different ways to take and use note systems when out and about, but I’m reserving that until I’ve written a little more. I’m well aware that I could fall into the box of them writers who’ve never written anything, yet talk about writing a hell of a lot, and while I’m already doing that here a little I don’t want to get all the way in it. Not only because I don’t want the stigma attached to that kind of writer, but also because I don’t like getting in boxes. They are often too small for my long and inflexible frame, especially cardboard boxes. They are the worst kind of boxes for being put in.