Intertextual Starks: Where else is Winter Coming?

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There’s a wagon moving up the King’s Road and every fucker’s on it. You and your friends, your conservative parents, if they can overcome the amount of breasts, every company that’s ever had a way to tie their advertisements into Westeros, and even other books. Some were on it before A Game of Thrones (1995) existed, and that’s what I’m interested in.

I was reading Stephen King’s The Stand (1990) and I found this line:

In the meantime, they’re cold at night (and winter is coming), they’re eating out of cans, they’re miserable. – Glen Bateman


Is there any other characters in non-ASOIAF novels, that are unwitting Starks? Please let me know if you find any, and we’ll catalogue them here. With nearly all of the Starks dying, their legacy is coming into question, so perhaps they would appreciate some help from their intertextual brothers, sisters and cousins.

If you find any referece to winter coming in another novel or story, let me know and I can expand the list (currently at one). Along with the quote, please let me know the page number and publishing details in this format:

[Author name][text title][publishing house][year of that copy][page number]

Help me out,


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